New Schools Venture Fund Celebrates Edupreneurs

Today, NewSchools launched a new video series celebrating education entrepreneurs. The kicked the series off with a video of entrepreneurs talking about the qualities that make the entrepreneur unique. The second video in the series is an interview with Sal Khan of They are planning to launch a new video each week and I am really looking forward to this series and the exposure it will provide to creative thinkers in this space. I think Sal Khan captured the essence of Edupreneurs well describing them as “small teams of slightly crazy people trying to do something disruptive.” Stay tuned!

Two new videos added on 9.6.11 – Alexandra Bernadotte, founder of Beyond 12, and Scott Given, founder of Unlocking Potential Schools.


Where to begin?

There are tons of amazing people all over the world working on seriously innovative solutions to help improve education for all the world’s children. Truly inspiring endeavors…but the challenge is finding out who is doing what, where and how can we really understand what is going to make the biggest impact on education reform and if we can help achieve their mission? My goal is to share all the nuggets of information I’ve discovered in my search to understand the EdTech space in hopes to encourage collaboration across similar initiatives and shift the culture of nonprofits to embrace sharing their failures (I mean pivots) the same way entrepreneurs have been since the beginning of time. And so it begins…