Edtech Resources

EdTech Resources

What to read more? Here are some other publications and the experts blogging on this topic. If you have any favorites focused on EdTech that you don’t see here, please let me know!

Edtech Handbook: Launch an edu startup

Facebook for Educators




This Week in Education

Edutopia Blogs

NYTimes Education

EdTech Lab (Facebook Group)

EdTech StartUps (LinkedIn Group)

EdTech (MeetUp- Bay Area)

SF Edu Tech Innovators (MeetUp)

Future of Education

Hack Education

Startup Digest (Education)


EdTech Magazine

Education Startups on Quora

GettingSmart (formerly EdReformer)

Innosight Institute

Stanford d.school K-12 Lab Wiki

Dangerously Irrelevant


Larry Cuban

LaunchEDU List of Ed and Kids related startups (for June 2012 conference)


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