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Go Go Games- Live in iTunes Store

Big congratulations to Joy, Heidi and Alexis, the Stanford LDT Alumni who created Go Go Games as their masters project and just launched in the iTunes store this week.  “Go Go Games is a suite of games on the iPad that helps preschool and elementary school children to learn to notice multiple features of the objects in the world around them – a specific perceptual skill that is essential to learning and comes naturally to most children, but is known to be a common difficulty for those with ASD.”

I wrote about these efforts in general after the LDT Expo back in August and it is really exciting to see these research based education games making their way to a consumer audience. The team has even outlined the process and science behind their product development on their website.

If you know students and families that would benefit from this, please spread the word and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Go Go LDT!


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